Beard bead kits designed to keep beads in place.

Dwarvendom's owner, Zy, strives to make the extraordinary, commonplace; providing unique accessories for those of imaginative style.

Our beard beads are lightweight; and our beading system is rubber-band free, simple, non-damaging, and designed to stay in place. Dwarvendom is the first to develop a unique pin-and-bead system of keeping beads in place in your beard or hair.

We carefully select our bead designs and produce pins and tools to make beading your beard as simple and reliable as possible.

TIPS for beard beaders:

~It is typically easiest to slide the bead DOWN OVER the pin, rather than trying to push the pin UP INTO the bead.

~When sliding the bead over the pin, you want it to be slightly difficult. This means it is a tight fit and will stay in place well.

~If the bead is too tight and won't slide over the pin, you need to either lessen the amount of hair in the bead, OR try a smaller pin size.

~If the bead is too loose and won't stay in your beard, you need to either increase the amount of hair in the bead, OR add another pin. For this reason, it is always a good idea to have an extra pin or two (small pins are great for this) on hand.

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